We are Quantum Computing for Banking

QCB is one of the world’s leading innovative service company providing financial institutions with the ability to accept on-land payments. QCB is the world’s top influencer for modern payment projects. QCB is committed to fostering the collaborative effort required to transform how people, governments, and businesses transact and interact with payments.



The QCB solution was created in compliance with international payment system requirements for servicing chip-based, contactless, and other types of cards. The solution meets international card security standards such as PCI PA DSS, PCI-DSS Level 1, and the Visa PIN Security Program. The software solution is P2PE compliant, which greatly simplifies the process of PCI DSS Level 1 certification for merchants.

The QCB solution provides transaction routing services, payment terminal network management, advanced real-time device monitoring, remote software updating, and data exchange to and from the acquiring system of the processing centre. Another part of it is a set of applications designed for supporting the payment functions of terminals from various manufacturers.

The on-land payment infrastructure accompanied by the multi-banking payment gateway for banks and financial institutions includes both the best-in-class hardware and bespoke software.

QCB solution is certified to work with the following processing hosts

POSLine ISO8583 Interface
Transmaster Interface Specification for POS Terminals on ISO8583:1993 (E)
Hypercom POS to Tieto HPT Host interface (Card Suite)
ISO 8583, OpenWay POS dialect (Way4 Host)
ISO 8583, OpenWay POS dialect (for Transaction switch)
TranzWare ISO8583 Terminal Protocol
SmartVista front end ISO8583 POS Trickle Feed
PKK Payment System
PKK Payment System

Key functionality

Centralized management of the device fleet
Automated management of encryption keys
Integrated monitoring in real-time
Multi-banking feature support
Decentralization of EFTPOS terminals distribution
Multi-merchant function support
Transactions flow recognition
Analytical reporting
Multi-hosting support
Work with equipment from different manufacturers

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

We offer the QCB Infrastructure as a service, which is dedicated to serving our customers’ needs and is hosted at the Microsoft Azure PCI-DSS zone international data centre located in London, UK. The software complies with the PA-DSS standard. The QCB infrastructure complies with the requirements of the PCI DSS level 1 standard. The company has been certified annually, the company has also complied with VISA PIN security requirements since 2018.


The system also the standart functionality on EFTPOS terminals as PCI by implementing additional features the Visa and lowering hardware and service software infrastructure operating cost - thus which increasing revenue.

Payment Gateway solution was merchants developed in compliance with international payment system requirements for servicing chip-based, contactless and other types of cards.

The solution meets international card security standarts such as PCI PA DSS, PCI-DSS Level 1 and PIN Security Program. The software solution is P2PE compliant, greatly simlifies the precess DSS Level 1 Certification for merchants.


QCB offers development, implementation, and support of solutions dedicated to payment card acceptance and management of a POS terminal network. The system has been developed for administration and control of EFTPOS terminal networks and transaction delivery, as well as real-time monitoring of transactions and technical features of payment terminals.
The solution meets the requirements of the following international payment systems: VISA International, MasterCard International, American Express, China Union Pay, Diners Club, etc. The solution supports the maintenance of local payment systems, as well as other non-payment instruments.



Hardware security modules (HSMs) provide encryption processing and protection for the keys and applications that underlie your critical security processes. Thales HSMs are easy to integrate with your systems and applications. They are also flexible and scalable. That means they can meet your evolving encryption and compliance needs.

Smart POS

Smart POS terminals allow you to process payments on the spot, only printing receipts when needed, and best of all, access to all the useful apps you need to help you accelerate your business.

Credit Card Machines

A wide range of payment card machines including countertop, mobile, and portable solutions. Launched on Linux or traditional operational systems.


Banks face an imminent need to upgrade their payments infrastructure.

What’s the compulsion? Rising end-user expectations, alternative payment networks, and evolving developments such as the UK’s New Payments Architecture, RTGS renewal for higher value payments and increased adoption of the ISO 20022 standard, typically driven by governments, central banks, regulators or banks’ networks.

Compelled as they are by competitive and disruptive forces, it would be shrewd for banks to take this opportunity to build payments platforms that are grounded in the future.

Infusing innovations—like cloud, digital currency, biometric authentication and AI—into these platforms will enable modern, compliant, more secure payments that meet buyers’ expectations.

We assist banks in modernising their payments platforms. By going higher and doing more, they can create efficient clearing and settlement systems that enable open, innovative, and secure payments experiences.

About Us

QCB was founded in 2018. Today, the main activity of QCB is the development of software for managing the fleet of POS terminals and routing transactions.

QCB is an expert in the field of acquiring and payments. The company, which is an acquiring expert, operates as Terminal Service Provider (ТSP) in the EU, provides outsourcing services for acquiring networks in different countries, as well as consulting for organisations engaged in acquiring activities.

Within the TSP activities in the EU, QCB annually passes compliance requirements of the PCI DSS Level 1 international standards, as well as the Visa PIN Security certification.

Sale of POS terminal equipment

Technical and business consultations for companies engaged in acquiring activities

Development, implementation, and support of software for POS terminals

Acquiring network outsourcing

Development of solutions for alternative transactional systems